ART/VISA is the first cinematic art collection experience platform, bringing international collections to be experienced in the broader scope. ART/VISA aims to foster the cultural value of art rather than just the asset value, questioning the status quo in the art world today. ART/VISA is based out of Portugal, dedicated to developing innovative, collaboration at the intersection of art, cinema, and technology. ART/VISA invites forward-looking members to join. You will become part of shaping the way art is experienced.



ART/VISA provides range of membership forms of participation:

Previews of international art collections

Access to PREVIEW LOUNGE experiences

Access to associated private and public events

Invitations to members-only events internationally

Artists studio visits, talks and lectures

Private collection development

Participating member


Previews of international art collections, access to PREVIEW LOUNGE experiences, access to associated private and public events, invitations to members-only events internationally, artists studio visits, talks and lectures, private collection development.



Previews of international art collections, access to Preview Lounge experiences, access to associated public events.