Access and experience unique international art collections by established and emerging collectors in diverse geographic locations and contexts through a network of Cinematic Preview Lounges. We think of the relation between artists, collectors, and audiences in a new way.

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ART/VISA has been created with the aim of developing experimental forms of presentation of art. ART/VISA makes contemporary art accessible to a broad public through ‘Cinematic Art Preview Lounges’.


ART/VISA has been founded to invite established and emerging art collectors to participate in new forms of cultural production and active participation in exchange and showcasing their accumulated works on a broader scale.


ART/VISA presents art that is relevant for our time. Like contemporary art, the collection always resists imposed limitations. It is international in scope with artworks range from complex installations to works that are immaterial.


ART/VISA generates the collection of artworks by the most active contemporary artists. The continually growing art collection is introduced through ‘Cinematic Preview Lounges’ in private and public settings.




ART/VISA is open for various collaborations with artists and curators directly and in supporting their realizations.


Collectors are invited to introduce their collections. ART/VISA operates an audiovisual documentation team and cinema production infrastructure including research laboratory. ART/VISA operates without geographic limitations.


A unique set of locations become part of a network of Cinematic art preview experiences. Variety of architecturally and spatially diverse locations are invited to join ART/VISA in hosting our art collection preview settings in private or public modes. Spaces get a degree of visibility, experiential enrichment, and recognition.


ART/VISA activates its experiences in diverse geographic locations through partnerships and collaborations.




Artists and artworks become more accessible worldwide in diverse contexts and gain a chance to be exhibited to a global audience, with more insightful presentation and story.


Collectors gain access to exciting new possibilities to engage with audiences from Asia and the wider world. By participating in ART/VISA collectors also expand and share the richness of the artworks they discovered and provide exposure for artists. Their collections are being documented in audiovisual form with a high-end cinematic approach, which creates a new set of possibilities to experience and share them without transporting physical objects.



Forward-looking members are invited to join us in this exciting phase. Active participation of members enables to build momentum for the diverse artistic programs to follow. Members also become part of shaping the way art is seen and experienced.


Spectators will discover new art and artists, experience new forms of art in (un)usual settings and participate. They can choose between physical and digital, real-time or archived collection of experiences.